A Suzuki music class for 0-3 year olds and their parents.

‘Don’t forget the babies!’

The Little Venice Suzuki Group is excited to introduce this Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) class to its wider music programme.

SECE was developed in Canada and approved by Dr Suzuki and the International Suzuki Association in 1993. It has only been in the UK for a few of years so we are excited to be offering this class, based on 7 concepts:




Worldwide, every healthy child learns to speak their mother tongue to a high level. The ‘Mother Tongue Method’, applied to other subjects, produces equally positive learning outcomes.




A child can hear even before they are born: music is a way to learn, right from the start.




Our class provides a rich and inclusive environment, with beautiful instruments, songs and sounds.

4. Children learn from one another
Children copy each other as they play, greatly motivated by their peers.

5. Success breeds success
With each new skill learnt, repeated and mastered, the next step is introduced, developing increasingly complex intuitive ability.

6. Parent involvement is crucial
Parents attend the group class, participating with and motivating their child. At home, the parent can further create a nurturing environment by exposing their children to artful music, encouraging their child and leading by example.

7. Encouragement is essential
Music Hour helps parents acknowledge and celebrate the smallest steps of their child’s progress.

SECE and the Suzuki philosophy

World-renowned educator, Shinichi Suzuki, recognised the unique contribution music can make in the total learning process. His method - also known as the Mother Tongue Method as it is modelled on how young children learn their first language - helps develop the whole child and from birth.

For further reading on the Suzuki Method we recommend Nurtured By Love (1983) by Shinichi Suzuki.

What to expect

The small, mixed-age music class is led by two team teachers: trained SECE teacher Hannah van den Brul, who is also a Suzuki violin teacher, and partner teacher. Together, they lead the group of parents and children through a fast-paced musical curriculum, reciting nursery rhymes, singing, playing high quality musical instruments, dancing, marching in time, twirling, counting, leading, taking turns, reading and listening.

A quiet space is set aside for parents to take their child, with support of one of the teachers,if they need a moment of calm. This keeps the atmosphere of Music Hour pressure-free and fully enjoyable.

The Suzuki Early Childhood Education programme develops musical, motor, cognitive and social skills including: understanding of dynamics, pitch, rhythm and speed, greater numeracy and vocabulary, group sensitivity, confidence in communicating, and a love of learning!

‘How can I prepare?’

Download the approved SECE curriculum recording Lullabies, Action Songs and Rhymes by Sharon Jones, David Jones & Rob Inch (available on iTunes) and start your daily listening!


When: 10.30 -11.30am on Sundays
Where: St. John’s Wood
Fees: £90 per term
For more information about joining, please contact Louisa Stuber at

You will receive the CD recording and booklet when you

sign up for the class. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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