Safeguarding Policy

Little Venice Suzuki Group (LVSG)

Safeguarding Policy

1) All LVSG teachers and staff sincerely and conscientiously put the interests of the children first and foremost, and actively make it our business to create an open, friendly, and structured learning environment.

2) All LVSG parents are required to be present at classes, and understand that they have full responsibility for their own children at all times.

3) A member of LVSG staff takes an attendance register of everyone who enters the building during the period of hire.

4) There is a list of First Aid trained adults or medical doctors likely to be on site during the hire period. (see appendix below)

5) Where applicable, the LVSG will adhere to the St Augustine’s CE High School Child Protection Policy.

6) In the event of a serious concern, a member of LVSG staff will contact Jane Foster (Westminster LADO) or another person in her department. In an emergency a LVSG staff member will contact the emergency services on 999.

7) In the event of a fire or other emergency, Richard Prosser has informed me that we must all exit through the main entrance to the building (and the hall emergency exit if necessary), and muster in front of the building. In such an event, the LVSG would of course cooperate fully with the St Augustine’s CE High School on-site staff member, as well as the emergency services where appropriate.

APPENDIX: List of First Aid trained adults or Medical doctors

Guillem Calvo (Assistant Director of the Little Venice Suzuki Group)
Charlotte Ayres
Jane Fejfer
Matthew Fisher
Ayala Gill
Adriana Martinez

First written March 2015. Edited May 2018 by Louisa Stuber

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